1-2 short presentation: comparison of traditional and nontraditional

Your supervisor, the senior manager for the PMO, has returned from a conference in Chicago. One of the speakers at the conference presented an overview of the success and benefits of using an adaptive project management methodology called Agile. Your supervisor wants to introduce the concept of adaptive project management (APM) to the staff of the PMO. As the newest person on the staff, you are asked to create a short slide presentation to be presented by your supervisor at the next weekly staff meeting. You are instructed to keep it short. You will write a more detailed narrative in the speaker notes that accompany the slides (if you are using PowerPoint, add your notes at the bottom of each slide where it says “Click to add notes”). You will describe the characteristics of adaptive project management methodologies and compare them with traditional project management, highlighting the pros and cons. Your peers in the PMO are the target audience for this presentation.

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