1. complete the required reading, and then choose one of the

1. Complete the required reading, and then choose one of the following discussion questions and provide a response (minimum word count of 200 and include a quote from the text).
Due  Wednesday 11:59 pm. 

2. Comment on at least two other student’s discussion question responses. Your comment must be polite and add value or seek to obtain clarification. For example, your comment might include a thoughtful question that allows the original commenter to elaborate on their writing.
Due Sunday 11:59 pm.

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Discussion Question 1: Why are organizational elements like patterns and headings important? Share a real-world example of how these elements improve usability or user experience? 

Discussion Question 2: Give an example of how you have successfully used one of the organizational patterns described in the text, and why the specific pattern was selected (what value did it add