2 discussion topic questions, 1 – 2 paragraph each topic – finance

discussion topic 1 – HUman resources 

Choosing which of the Job Evaluation Methods to Use

Job evaluation determines the relative worth or value of jobs in a company and affects many human resources functions such as staffing, compensation and employee relations. Conduct academic research on the popular job evaluation methods and the organizations that have been using these methods to determine job and pay equity.

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Select one method and explain it in your initial post. Then select a company that is using this method and describe how they are using this method.

3-8 sentances


Discussion topic 2 Finance

Financing Options

If you were a business consultant and a customer was seeking advice on whether he obtain a bank loan or seek investors to fund the $100,000 needed for the startup costs related to his new business, what would you suggest? Explain in detail the pros and cons of each option.

3-8 sentances