3.2: identify new business model (individual project — part 6)

 3.2: Identify New Business Model (Individual Project — Part 6)


We could consider that one of the keys to global commerce success will be identifying the appropriate business model for your organization. Using the information you gained during your project work so far, as well as the information gained from your readings, reflect on the relationship between a business model and technology used in the organization.

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Optional Resources

  • Winning without competition: How to break out of a commodity market.

    If the key to your business plan is differentiation, this is an excellent resource.

  • Six Keys to Building New Markets by Unleashing Disruptive Innovation. Published: March 10, 2003. Authors: Clayton M. Christensen, Michael E. Raynor, and Scott D. Anthony.

    ”Six keys to creating new-growth businesses.”

  • (e-Global Library: Ebrary) Three trips around the innovation track: an interview with Clayton Christensen. In: Innovation.  Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited Author: Randall, Robert . ISBN: 1-84544-793-X. Date: 2005 HD30.28.S87 v.33, no.4 2005eb

    Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen discusses his three “breakthrough business books on disruptive innovation”—The Innovator’s Dilemma, The Innovator’s Solution, and Seeing What’s Next.

  • (Video) VORTEX: IT had better matter.

    Geoffrey Moore, on his book Dealing with Darwin.

  • How Kayak Users Built a New Industry. Published: July 24, 2006./ Author: Sean Silverthorne.

    “A wonderful example of how ‘user innovations’ evolve and eventually become commercial products.”


  1. Reflect on how the technology you identified in Module 2 and the SWOT analysis performed in the previous Assignment could affect the business model of your organization.
  2. Complete the section “Business model proposition” in the project plan template document. Discuss how a new business model for your organization (or a change of the existing one) could be enabled through the use of the new technology. Post this section of your project to the course Forum.
    Note that in Module 7 you’ll compile this and the other sections of the project plan into a single, coherent proposal. By then you’ll have a more comprehensive understanding of how the work done in this Module fits into the bigger picture and can revise accordingly.