3 pragraph paper (cyber security)

need  3 paragraphs with one APA citation on the questions below after testing the passwords and you cant use Wikipedia as a reference.

Case Project 11-1: Testing Password Strength 

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 When you test your passwords, don’t enter your actual password, use something similar instead. This is just to be on the safe side in case the web site is collecting passwords that users enter to test and adding them to a cracking dictionary. For example, if your password is Password123 try testing something that also has 8 alpha characters that are an actual word, 3 numbers, and 1 uppercase character. You might try testing Settings222 instead.   

Case Project 11-1: Testing Password Strength 

How strong are your passwords? Various online tools can provide information on password strength, but not all feedback is the same. First, assign the numbers 1 through 3 to three of the passwords you are currently using, and write down the number (not the password) on a piece of paper. Then, enter those passwords into these three online password testing services:

–  How Secure Is My Password (howsecureismypassword.net/)

–  Password Checker Online (password-checker.online-domain-tools.com

–  The Password Meter (www.passwordmeter.com/)

       Record next to each number the strength of that password as indicated by these three online tools. Then use each online password tester to modify the password by adding more random numbers or letters to increase is strength. How secure are the passwords? Would any of these tools encourage someone to create a stronger password? Which provided the best information?