4-1 case scenario: communication plan | QSO 340 | Southern New Hampshire University


One important project planning activity is to create a communication plan that helps establish clear and efficient lines of communication. In this assignment, you will create a communication plan for the XYZ Business Workflow project.


Create a communication plan for the XYZ Business Workflow software development project team. Use the scenario and project information from Project One, including the project plan documents you have created to inform your communication plan.

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Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Show the line of communication between the members of the project team, the project manager, and the other stakeholders.
  • Describe the scope of communication for all stakeholders, including the frequency, level of detail, and recommended response time.
  • Outline the methods or techniques of communication the team should use based on the type of information they need to share.
  • Describe any specific communication processes, such as status meetings, escalation process, and so on.

For your response, you can draw on the course material, your experience, and research.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit a document of 2 to 4 pages containing the communication plan.

I have attached the Project Plan for Reference.