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I AM attaching files of 4 assignments, I want you to do best in each assignment.

one assignment is not getting open so I am pasting here. 

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Research Preparation in Post Graduate Studies

Written Report 1

August 16, 2018

Unit Code 301004

Instructor: Dr. Ivan Bojicic

Email: [email protected]

1 Written Report 1

• Percentage of total Grade: 25 %

• Type of Collaboration: Individual

• Due: 24 Aug 2018, 17:00h on vUWS

2 Instructions

Students will provide an individual & original literature review at a high level on one of

several potential themes:

• Quantum Computing

• Robots in Space

• Bushfire prevention

• Earthquake proof engineering

• Visualisation in Hollywood movies

• or a self chosen topic (recomended)

The report will showcase skills covered in class and will have minimum of 1500

words. To construct your literature review you can use guidelines from the lecture notes

and power-point slides to find papers and journals relevant to your chosen topic. Lists

of web resources are included in the lecture notes.


2.1 Report Format and guidelines

For your Written report 1, you will use the LiteratureReview.tex template found in

the LaTeX template.zip on the vuws site.

To setup LaTeX and run the LaTeX template:

1. Download and unzip the LaTeX template.zip file (Tutorials section on vUWS)

2. install LaTeX system using links and instructions given in tutorial notes (Latex


3. open LiteratureReview.tex in your LaTeX editor

4. put your references into the .bib file (create your own or use bibtexexample.bib


5. Write your literature review in the .tex file, remember to use \cite{} or \citep{}

and not to ‘hardcode‘ references

6. when compiling, run pdfLaTex, then BibTeX, then 2×pdfLaTex again to produce

the final pdf

The Literature Review report will be original and individual work and will have a

minimum length of 1500 words. It should start with introduction of the topic including

the main question/problem which you are trying to review, and finish with conclusion

where you should present your overview of the topic and your main agreements (or

disagreements) with the presented findings. It must contain Abstract and References

(or Bibliography) sections. Make sure that sure your citations are done correctly using

\cite or \citep commands. The information on marking criteria for this report is given

in the Learning Guide.

2.2 Compiling/Typesetting

Be sure that, after adding a new reference, typeset your document four times:

pdfLaTeX → BibTeX → pdfLaTeX → pdfLaTeX

Your bibliography will now appear in the style of your choice and your citations will be

correctly formatted. If question marks appear where citations should, that means you

need to LaTeX your document once more. If the citations are entirely missing, you have

likely forgotten to BibTeX your document.

Finally, submit only the pdf file created by type-

setting (it will be in the same folder where your .tex

file resides) using vUWS.