5 pages argumentative essay with an anotated bibliography page on

my argument would be that we are too dependant on computer, but computers are not addictive.


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Rules and Regulations for the Argumentative paper:




  • Each final draft should reach a minimum of five (5) pages.
  • All essays must address a topic with a suitable scope for a short academic paper.
  • Each essay must make reference to at least three (3) outside sources. All sources must be credible, relevant, and cited correctly both in-text and in a correctly formatted Works Cited page.
  • All essays must include at least two (2) counterarguments—that is, two points from the opposite side(s) of the argument along with your rebuttals.
  • All essays must be typed, in MLA format, with a corresponding Works Cited page.
  • The essay is not a narrative. Though personal and first-hand examples are acceptable, they should not take the place of outside sources. Use of first person words, such as “I,” “me,” or “my,” is acceptable, but should be used sparingly.