8-2 discussion: making progress through reflection | snhu107


Read Chapter 8 and review the Reflections video for this week’s discussion:

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Also take time to review your initial post from week 1.

Moving forward often requires you to reflect on things that have come before in order to continue to progress. Why? Because forward progress relies on prior and continued learning (of the skills and knowledge necessary), a focus on established goals, and a clear vision for the future (where you want to be in relation to where you are or were). Reflection is necessary in all aspects of our lives (home, school, and work/career) in order to achieve meaningful progress. It helps continue our development and growth in the ways necessary to achieve our future goals. As such, it is a fundamental part of the learning process. In the Reflections video this week, Greg Fowler offered several reflective questions to consider. The three listed below really help frame the ideas presented above:

1) Am I progressing as a person?
2) Have I made progress toward my goals?
3) Am I being the person I wanted to be?

Taking the video, reading, and Week One initial post into consideration (along with your individual work and class experience), work to address the following:

1. In Week 1, you described your “best self” in relation to work in the classroom. We have covered many topics and explored/refined many skills in this course. What would you add to or modify about your best self as you prepare for your next courses? How will the changes you made help propel you forward?

2. Reflection can also help us solve problems or make decisions for the future. Reflecting on a challenge you encountered this term, how might one of the strategies presented in the text help you overcome similar challenges in the future? Explain.

3. Finally, there were many excellent points shared by Paul LeBlanc, Greg Fowler, and Amy Stevens in the closing video. What is one takeaway that that stood out to you personally?