8.5 research project: milestone 4 (final submission) (plg1)


Milestone 4: MIS Final Submission

Mod8-Businesswoman working in office.jpgThere’s  a rumor going around the coffee break room that if you conduct thorough  research on the five selected MIS topics and submit a scholarly,  well-reasoned and composed document, the “powers that be” are certain to  promote you into that management position for which you have labored  and worked so diligently. If you can produce some critical analyses that  will give the upper management folks a clear picture of the bottom line  with respect to which MIS solutions could greatly benefit the company,  you will be certain to receive an offer of a larger office along with a  hefty pay raise. This is all part of the career plan that you first  developed at ERAU. 

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Milestone 4 Deliverable

Before you begin working on Milestone 4, make sure that you go back and review the Research Project: Milestones Guide and Resources page.

Begin working on Milestone 4 by first resaving the corrected  Milestone 3 document as a new Milestone 4 working document. Rename the  corrected Milestone 3 file, changing the Milestone number in the  filename from “3” to “4.”

The directions for Milestone 4 are similar to Milestone 3. Review  the five Management Information System topics from the list that you  selected while working on the Milestone 1 assignment. Conduct research and compose scholarly data on the last one of the topics remaining in the list.

You are required to compose a minimum two new pages of data in the Body of Text section for the one new topic that you chose for this Milestone. You are therefore required to submit a minimum of ten full pages of double-spaced text in the Body of Text section in the Milestone 4 assignment (four pages created in Milestone 2, four created in Milestone 3, and two created in Milestone 4).

The Title Page, Abstract, Conclusion, and Reference List pages are not considered part of the Body of Text section. 

A minimum of five primary  reference sources outside of the course textbook are required to be  cited and referenced in the Milestone 4 assignment document submission.

As you do your research, keep up the Reference List page and make notes for the Conclusion page of your final draft document.

Use Turnitin to screen for citation and plagiarism issues; this submission does go into the main repository.

The Milestone 4 Rubric will be used to grade your Milestone 4 assignment submission.

Allow enough time after researching the last topic to complete the  Abstract, Conclusion and Reference List pages of your paper. Don’t  forget to save a copy of your final draft for safe keeping.

Research Project Discussion

Throughout the different stages of working on your Research Project  paper, use the Research Project Discussion to ask questions or share  information that may help your peers. This is mainly a peer-to-peer and  instructor-to-class forum. Side discussions are welcome but know that  all of the students in the course can review your posted data and  comments. Your instructor will check the posts to ensure that the  questions being asked are answered accurately or to clarify statements.