A major hurricane has struck the area where your company has its

A major hurricane has struck the area where your company has its central data center .there are offsite backups

and hardware at three other centers around the country.

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1.2 Assume that the area is suffering greatly from the hurricane’s impact, and your company cannot contuine operations

until the central data center’s operations resume.


1.3 Briefly describe the activities that need to occur to set up the emergency operation center for your company , and

where your company should locate the center



Provides 1 – 2 pages of written work in APA format.

Individual assignment, not a team or group assignment.

Total: 16 possible points

Writing Guidelines

APA formatting guidelines are followed and intellectual property is recognized with in text citations and a reference page. Assignments include Cover Page and Reference Page. Note: Cover Page and Reference Page do not count towards the written work requirement.

Sentences are complete, clear, and concise following rules of grammar and usage including spelling and punctuation.

All work is run through a plagiarism checker