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Read the article 

2 Baltimore Jail Guards Face Charges of Misconduct
. The head of the agency has asked you as a new person in a leadership position to outline a strategy to improve the moral and ethical decision-making of the agency’s employees. In the form of
a memorandum, address the issue in the Baltimore jails and outline a strategy for improvement.

This assignment will help you analyze a situation from a leadership perspective and develop a strategy to help address this issue. This will help you prepare for the recommendations you need to develop for your selected case study.


Include the following critical elements in your memorandum:

Issue: Identify the issue occurring in the article.

Improvement Need: Explain why this issue needs improvement.

Community Impact: Explain how this issue could potentially impact the community.

Cultural Impact: Explain how this issue impacts the culture of the organization.

Improvement Strategy: Outline a strategy for improving the moral and ethical decision-making of the agency’s employees.

· Support your work with 
scholarly evidence from the text or outside sources.

Refer to the 

Criminal Justice Library Tips
 for support in finding and citing 

outside resources

What to Submit

Your memorandum does not follow typical APA guidelines and can be single-spaced. Include evidence from the textbook as well as at least one outside 

scholarly source
, which should be cited in 

APA format
 at the end of the memorandum.