Abc inc monitors the temperature of

ABC Inc monitors the temperature of each of it seven servers throughout the day. Readings are recorded each hour and the data is reviewed every morning to ensure that temperatures are within operating specs throughout the day. You have been assigned the task of creating a program that provides a quick analysis of each day’s data. The data is to be read from a two-dimensional array. There will be twenty-four rows each representing an hour during the day. There are eight columns of numbers. The first seven will represent a server temperature and the seventh will represent the server room’s air temperature. The program should display a data analysis that includes:

For each server, the high, low and average temperature during the twenty-four hour period
The difference in temperature between the server room and each of the seven servers for each hour of the day. When the temperature difference is greater than or equal to 50 degrees, mark the entry with an asterisk.

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Create a new Visual Studio project and source code file.
Copy and paste the code below into a source code file.
Complete the requirements of the program as described in the above paragraph.