Above 400 words reflection | Social Science homework help

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mvsnXGOib0&feature=youtu.be   watch this video. 

After watching Professor Andrews’ guest lecture, prepare to compose a short piece of reflective writing in response to the lecture’s key ideas and concepts. The basic question you should address is: “Which song do you think was the ‘song of the summer’ this year, and what makes it interesting to you?” Your reflection should be written in paragraph form (min. 400 words; no maximum), and should express your own original thoughts and ideas. For inspiration, you should consider applying one (or more) of the following approaches, based on the different dimensions of Professor Andrews’ guest lecture:

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Analyse/Examine how the musical structure of the song, and its “onflow of sound” impacts the listener;

Reflect/Recall how the song related to or impacted your own social experiences, attitudes, or health this summer;

Evaluate/Interpret the impact of the song’s messaging, its wider significance and meaning, or its societal impact.




must above 400 words, and song is Happy played by musician Pharrell Williams.

need this assignment within 2hrs.