Active shooter | Criminal homework help

must have a title page, an abstract, content page(s) [2 pages], and a reference page with at least three (3) reliable sources (the original article and two others that either support or counters the selected article).  You must write in 3rd person, do not use any contractions unless they are in a direct quote.

 select one (of five) articles that I have provided for you 

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 you will reflect on how it could affect you in your future career in criminal justice 


  • Describe the crime and crime scene presented in your selected articles and how it affects the field of criminal justice, (Must be written in 3rd person)
  • Explain how current criminal justice professionals are addressing the trend presented in your selected article, and (Must be written in 3rd person)
  • Reflect on how you believe this trend will affect your future career in criminal justice taking into account your unique strengths and weaknesses. (In this section, you may write in the 1st person)