Aet 562 week 6 self-guided social media training manual and

Week 6: Self-Guided Social Media Training Manual and Presentation

Write a 3,150- to 3,500-word Self-Guided Social Media Training Manual designed as a resource that your team would present to employees to educate on the basics and benefits of social learning based on the four most important social media tools you selected in Week 2.

Include the following:

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· An overview

· A minimum of 10 sources from peer-reviewed journals from your annotated bibliography, submitted in Week 3, as well as additional research. 

Review the Social Learning Strategies Checklist on p. 160 in Ch. 7 of Social Media for Trainers.

Consider the checklist as your team writes the comprehensive manual. Include enough information about the tools you selected and why these tools are important, so the employees using the manual understand the benefits of participating in social learning within the workplace. 

· Social Learning 

o What are some barriers to effective social learning? How might these be overcome?

o Given the nature of today’s organization, what role does social learning play in ensuring effective workforce training?

o What ethical dilemmas might be encountered within the social learning environment? How will ethical conflicts be resolved?

o What level of importance is assigned to social learning? How might you help promote its importance within an organization? 

· Problem Solving through Social Learning

o What role does social learning play in addressing business problems? 

o How does social learning affect an employee’s perception of a problem? 

o How are problem-solving processes similar and different when addressed via social learning versus formal training? 

· Addressing Business Issues and Strengthening Relationships through Social Learning

o How does social learning affect an organization’s goals and objectives?

o What are the indicators of success when assessing the effectiveness of social learning?

o How does resource allocation affect the overall effectiveness of social learning within an organization?

o How is accountability handled through social learning, such as with usage or policy considerations? 

o How does the social learning environment establish employees’ perception of power or hierarchy? 

o How does the social learning environment foster richer relationships among staff with diverse skill sets?

· Social Media Tools

o Description of tool, such as Twitter® 

o Benefits

o Limitations

o Example of organizational application on behalf of social learning

Format your manual according to APA guidelines. 

Create a 9- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to detail the manual. Upload the PowerPoint® to an online presentation site where it can be viewed by others in the class. 

· Include content from each criteria selected for your manual. Choose the content that is most relevant to support each criterion.

· Include photos, illustrations, graphs, diagrams, animations, videos, or audio as appropriate. Document the source of each media item you include.

Format your references according to APA guidelines. Include citations in the speaker notes or in a separate reference list.