After reading the chapters in your textbooks for this module,


After reading the chapters in your textbooks for this module, consider the meaning of the integrated perspective and the advantages and disadvantages of drawing from more than one school. Now that you have studied 11 therapy models, discuss your thoughts to this point about integrating theories by answering the following questions. Limit your integrative approach to two or three theories at the most. I suggest you take a primary theory (one that comes closest to your beliefs and your theory of choice) and then branch out, showing how you would draw techniques from several other theoretical approaches. Be sure to state why you select a particular theory as your main theory. Show how you could bring in ideas and techniques from the various theories you have studied into your own integrative theoretical stance.

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  1. What criteria could you develop to create your own integrative approach to counseling?
  2. What basis do you have for including or excluding certain major concepts of the various approaches?
  3. Describe your rationale for your personalized theory of counseling.
  4. What are some ways you would address cultural diversity?
  5. What are some ways you would integrate spirituality?