Airbnb | Management homework help

 Written report.  Prepare a brief report (10-12 pages double-spaced) on the policies and practices
of a company.  The report should include a summary of any ethics codes and policies of the
company, specific issues covered in class (e.g. workplace privacy or discrimination) as they relate
to that company, typical ethical issues in the industry, and community and social responsibility
policies and practices (e.g. philanthropy or community service programs).  Teams should dig into
ethical issues confronted by company management, as well as challenges from stakeholders.  
Students are encouraged to use information from internet sources, public documents, and
interviews with employees and management. See “Format for Reports” for a more detailed outline
of topics and issues to be researched.   A list of sources should also be included at the end of the
report. Besides online materials, students are encouraged to have conversations with employees
and managers in the company. 

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