Algorithm development discussion | Computer Science homework help

Part 1: Hash Tables

Hash tables are very useful in certain situations but they are not necessary in other situations.

  • Discuss when you think a hash table should be used and when you think it should it be avoided.
  • Reply to others with support for or arguments against the use of hash tables in given circumstances.

Part 2: Peer Responses

Peer 1 Toni

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I think hash tables should be avoided when there is a great chance of a collision. Using things like separate chaining or chaining with links or any type of chaining can help avoid any collision in the hash tables. It is best to think through the scenario before implementing in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

Peer 2 David

Hash tables have great advantages but there are disadvantages also. Hash tables have many uses but one place to avoid using them is on the web. They have a security weakness that a hacker can take advantage of and can cause problems. Hash tables are not good for iteration through it in order. Hash tables are good for situations where you are doing inserting, deleting, and searching. They have their uses but there are still things out there better for certain situations.