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READ- According to Riva et al. (2012), one of the most useful tools in creating or summarizing research questions is the PICOT format.  The acronym PICOT most typically stands for population, intervention, comparison, outcome, and time (Riva et al., 2012). In research, each part of the PICOT question must be specific and measurable to collect data and draw clear conclusions. 

The letter “P” in the PICOT may refer to a population, patient, or problem the researcher aims to study (Chamberlain University College of Nursing, 2023). The “I” in PICOT refers to an intervention. The letter “C” in the acronym describes the comparison to the intervention which is being evaluated in the study. This is referred to as the control group in many research designs (Riva et al., 2012). The letter “O” in PICOT refers to the measurable outcome to be examined which will determine the intervention’s effectiveness. And lastly, the “T” stands for the timeframe during which the intervention is being measured and data is being collected. 

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In older adults over the age of 60 with heart disease what is the effect of integrating telehealth appointments in comparison to solely conducting in-person appointments on medication and treatment compliance over a period of three months?

Population – Older adults over the age of 60 with heart disease

Intervention – integrating telehealth appointments 

Comparison – Solely conducting in-person appointments

Outcome – medication and treatment compliance 

Time – A period of three months

INSTRCUTIONS- Provide substantive feedback and suggestions for improvement. Provide substantive dialogue that is collaborative in nature. asks questions, offers new insights, applications, perspectives, information, or implications for practice