An essay about what makes art and literature important to our society.

I have posted a file of the essay guide as well as some photos of an article that it needs to have one quote from. I need someone that sticks on the instructions and be creative and write clearly. 

For this quote, The book’s name, quote’s page, author’s name, the article title, and the year of the book are needed to be listed. The book’s name is; The McGraw-Hill Reader: Issues Across the Disciplines by Gilbert H. Muller and you will be able to find the rests in the article photos. 

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I need someone that sticks on the instructions and is creative and writes clearly. The essay will be graded based on followings thing;

1- Thesis.  2- Topic Sentences. 3- MLA Page Format. 4- 5-MLA In-Text Citations. 6.Use of sourced quotes. 7.Includes required sources. 8-MLA Works Cited Page. 9-Grammar/Mechanics. 10-Credible Source material.


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