Andrus video lecture and q&a


The Separation of Powers Doctrine and the system of Checks and Balances are two separate, yet inter-related concepts.  Because they are closely linked students often confuse the distinct differences between the two.  Please watch the two videos below.  Both videos are closed captions.  (Or, you can go to or click on the “Andrus Video Lectures” tab on the left side of this web site to access the same vidoes.  But those will not be close captioned.)  Please watch the two lectures covering Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances.

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Once you have finished watching the brief video lectures, answer the following questions: 1.  Define and describe the Separation of Powers, in your own words.2.  Define and describe Checks and Balances, in your own words.3.  What is the purpose of these doctrines and why are they important?4.  What or who was the inspiration for these doctrines? (Refer to the textbook for this answer.)5.  Provide a contemporary example of a Separation of Powers or Checks and Balances problem or challenge facing the United States today. 

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