Annotated bibliography for hiv/aids | Biology homework help


This week you will continue to work on your final project/presentation that examines in detail one of the major infectious diseases (and the associated microbes) that challenge our world today.

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By this time, you should have been doing a lot of research on your topic. This Annotated Bibliography assignment will be helpful in organizing your resources and structuring your presentation.  Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Identify at least 4 relevant resources

Leveraging the EC Library Resource Guide for this class, accessible via the left course menu, as a starting point, identify at least 4 resources that you can use in your presentation. Note that these may be some of the same resources you leveraged in creating last week’s My Life as a Microbe presentation.

Look for resources that address the following topics regarding your microorganism:

  • Where is this disease found?
  • Who is most susceptible?
  • How does it reproduce?
  • How is it spread?
  • How does it cause a disease that can or has caused an epidemic?
  • What is being done to control or eradicate this infectious disease?

Step 2: Review expectations for an annotated bibliography

Each annotation should be approximately 100-150 words and contain the following:  

  • A complete APA style reference for the source you are examining;
  • a brief summary of the source’s important information; 
  • an explanation of its relevance to your topic and how you plan to use it; 
  • and a brief evaluation of the source for authority, currency, objectivity, and verifiability.