Annotated bibliography | PADM530 | FIU

     You should determine the priorities for correction in your community based on your SWOT.   Then, you should look for locations that once had comparable problems but  were able to find a solution.  The citation plus description of the process  used to solve the problem or otherwise minimize the amount of problem  caused should be the subject of your annotations.  Once you have found  best practices for addressing the Weaknesses, move on to   the Threats and find solutions to cite.  From there move on to Opportunities  and look for best practices for exploiting those opportunities. And, then  if you still don’t have 25 references, move on to looking for best practices  for making those Strengths, the good traits characteristic of your community, better by  finding out what has worked elsewhere to make a good community Great.     Please know that none of the references in the Annotated Bibliography  should be about your jurisdiction (MIAMI DADE COUNTY), only best practices from elsewhere.     Points will be deducted for posted assignments having less than 25 annotations.  

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