Anthropology reading reviews questions | Social Science homework help

This is Anthropology Class.

The dues is  March 24, 2019 9:30pm (East Coast) 

There are 9 reading reviews.

Please write 1 ½ pages reading reviews (in your own words) for each reading and ½ pages (a paragraph) questions.

There are No- MLA or APA request. But If you use source, Please cited. 

½ pages questions instruction

Please submit a paragraph (in your own words) about the reading that raises for assignment an issue or question inspired by the reading.  This is not a question asking for an informative response, but a question or issue, inspired by the reading, about which you would like to share ideas. Do not plagiarize, just submit what you want to discuss, in your own words.  If your question shows familiarity with and thought about the reading it will receive credit.