Apa style, 2 pages double spaced,code of ethics research paper, due 3


The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for you to apply specific NASW Code of Ethics within the context of the provided scenario, as well as explore potential cultural considerations

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SCENARIO: You are part of a team asked to conduct an evaluation of support services available to older adults who attend the local senior citizen center. The team will be examining records, as well as collecting information from center staff, social workers, and clients. This evaluation scenario is only focusing on the supports for the clients attending the center. Before starting the evaluation, you need to

1. Identify any logical potential ethical issues that could arise within this provided scenario and identify the related ethical code within the NASW Code of Ethics that would apply.

2. Discuss what provisions you would make during the planning/implementation process to prevent or minimize those issues from arising and/or impacting the evaluation

3. As the researcher is this scenario, identify any personal values or biases of yours that could potentially impact the program evaluation.

4. Discuss what provisions you would make to prevent those values or biases from negatively impacting the program evaluation.

Your discussion should clearly relate to the scenario above and should NOT be a generic discussion of the process. This means you will not just discuss how this applies within a program evaluation, but specifically with this scenario. You will focus on the application of specific NASW Code of Ethics that would logically apply to this scenario. You must provide the specific number for each individual ethical standard you use in your discussion and you must include at least 5 different ethical standard from the NASW Code of Ethics. Please note the letters after each code, i.e. 1.03a, 1.03b, etc. are all still just one code 1.03. The letters further delineate the code, but are still counted as only one code for this assignment. Do not quote the entire code you are using, rather use this format: 1.03 Informed Consent. That will be sufficient for me to understand what code you are referencing.

*****Make sure that your paper clearly identifies what the key ethical issues that are likely to arise in this evaluation, AS WELL AS provisions you would recommend to ensure that the evaluation will be ethically conducted?****

Just like the ethics portion above, when planning an evaluation it is also important to identify and consider any cultural aspects that could affect the evaluation. Think about potential cultural issues that could impact this evaluation and what you could do to ensure the evaluation is conducted in a culturally competent manner. 

1. What are specific cultural components that should be considered within this scenario?

2. What would you need to do to ensure these are managed in a culturally competent manner? 

3. How could the researchers demonstrate cultural competence?

There are ALWAYS cultural components. Note, that cultural components are not limited to ethnic groups. Being culturally competent can refer to a variety of characteristics and people groups. The NASW Code of Ethics also provides some standards for cultural competency of the researcher. You will need to use at least one NASW Code of Ethics standard.

You may use additional resources; however, they are not required and will not count towards the points possible for this assignment. This assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to accurately apply the codes within a practice example. This assignment is worth 25 points. This assignment assesses the following practice behaviors: A1.3, A1.4, A2.1 and A4.3