Apex investment partners (a): april 1995.

Read the following Harvard Business School case study:


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 Lerner, J. (1995, October 27). Apex Investment Partners (A): April 1995.


Next, answer the following questions and provide your recommendation. Provide a rationale for your recommendation. There is a “help” spreadsheet that can be used to assist in completing the financial analysis and for organizing and summarizing the issues. Spreadsheet tables can be pasted into a Microsoft Word document to highlight and summarize the main issues, but you should also include text discussion within your document that expands on the summary tables.


Case study analysis questions:


  1. Summarize the operations and past funding used by AccessLine. For a venture capitalist, does AccessLine appear to be an attractive investment opportunity? Identify the attractive and unattractive aspects along with the nature of the risks associated with the company.
  2. Assess which of the two venture capital group appears to have the better capability and better fit for funding AccessLine. Discuss the advantages and disadvanatages of each.
  3. Discuss why the valuation of AccessLine is important to understand and what stakeholders are concerned with this value. Complete the valuation model template presented within the help spreadsheet. Include the model in your report document and describe the steps and the results.



Present your case study analysis in Microsoft Word document format.

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.