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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT (PART 1) Sketch A Solution Brainstorm: Maternal Health and Physical Activity


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Please remember that when submitting assignments either submit them as a Word doc or if it is an image in PDF, Jpg, Jpeg. My system does not support HEIC or otherwise. I want to be sure to be able to open your hard work. 

This assignment requires that you read the case study, then develop solutions for the character(s) in the case study.

Click here> Maternal Health Physical Activity Case Study.docx  

Why is this part called a brainstorm? You are being asked to come up with many ideas rapidly so you do not get too caught up in details – just get ideas flowing and receive a completion grade for your, loosely based, theoretical ideas.

Connect it to the content of the class!

The sketch a solution assignment must contain linkages to the theory or model studied in the class so far. It is up to you to decide how to connect the theory or model to your Crazy 8s ideas and the sketches. We are focusing on the social levels of influence for this topic. You can still have individual behavior ideas but the main point you want to explore is how social contexts can influence the case study behavior.

Come up with one idea for each model or theory below

Social-ecological model

Social cognitive theory

Social capital theory

Have fun with this, make meaningful connections between the course and your understanding of using theory to develop solutions.

The physical work:

Difficulty level: medium 

Grade: 20 points (as long as you complete and follow directions, you will earn the points)

Self-Timed: 8 minutes (use your phone, computer, or other timer and set for 8 minutes -no more, no less)

What I want you to do: Set a timer on your phone, a kitchen timer, or use a free timer found on the Internet. Come up with eight ways to solve the problem. No more or less time is given. Use all 8 minutes. 

Why: This activity gets you to think past your first idea, and encourages you to get ideas out throughout the socioecological model (individual, community, organization, society & policy level).

Where: Post your ideas to on this discussion board REPLY BUTTON, below.


Post your ideas as soon as you finish reading these directions (don’t wait)

Post your ideas if you want to see others’ ideas (you post first-Canvas setting)

Post your ideas if you want to advance to Part 2 of the assignment (you will want to)

No list posted below means no points on the Sketch a Solution Part 2 of the assignment (that’s worth 20 points)

Your submission can appear in two ways, a sketched drawn list or a written list. See below.

The Sketched Drawn List

Again, submit your work as a Word doc or if it is an image in PDF, Jpg, Jpeg. Do NOT support as an HEIC or otherwise. 

Suggestions & tips for creating your sketched list

Fold the paper into 8 sections, or fold in half 3 times to get the same effect. 

You can use pen and paper or draft this up on a Google Doc. 

Be sure to give plenty of words so the viewers understand your idea (this may take a few extra minutes to refine after the timer stops).

You do not have to be an artist to create your list, sketch whatever you can, it will work perfectly to get the point across.

Spend about one minute on each idea, then move to the next. 

CRAZY 8s skecthed list example MCH.jpg 


The Written/Typed List (examples only, not for copy)

1. Have spouse walk with CJ 20 mins pr night – Interpersonal Theory

2. Hold a community 5K benefit for charity – Community level Theory

3. Increase self-efficacy by starting small and building up to 2 miles per day – Social Cognitive Theory

4. Attend fitness briefing at local YMCA – Social Cognitive Theory

5. Have her doctor go more in-depth concerning goal setting and expectations – Social Cognitive Theory

6. Join and be active in a social media fitness group – Social Capital Theory

7. Get a personal fitness coach – Social Capital Theory

8. Have CJ’s workplace give one hour a week paid fitness time. – Social Capital Theory

Have fun! You do not have to be an artist or perfect with the ideas -just let them flow!