Applied security architecture and threat models

Paper 1: minimum 500 words

According to the author of this book(Securing Systems: Applied Security Architecture and Threat Models

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Schoenfield, Brook S. E.), there are three key attributes of human attackers, as follows: 

  • Intelligence 
  • Adaptivity 
  • Creativity

What are your thoughts on this topic? Also, please explain the three key attributes related to this subject. Answer the questions with an APA-formatted paper (Title page, body and references only).  Your response should have a minimum of 500 words.  Count the words only in the body of your response, not the references.  A table of contents and abstract are not required.A minimum of two references are required. One reference for the book is acceptable but multiple references are allowed.  There should be multiple citations within the body of the paper.  Note that an in-text citation includes author’s name, year of publication and the page number where the paraphrased material is located.