Applying social psychology to education

answer one of the following questions 1 through 4, and then everyone answer 5.  When answering 1-4, please state the question first so that we all know which one you are answering.

1. What are some of the factors affecting student performance identified in the Dweck presentation? and identify 4 connections from Dweck’s presentation to concepts noted in the ASP chapter on education.

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2. Discuss the role that the stereotype threat might play in the development of a social identity.  What are some suggestions from Dr. Steele on how the stereotype threat might be combated? 

3. In the article by Simoni and Drentea, why do you think that higher SES parents were more likely to medicate their  child with ADHD?  What explanation was given by the article? Also compare the concept of “academic self concept” from ASP to the concept “academic ethic.”

4. What are some occupations not sex segregated? (that is close to 50% male/50% female).  Does it hold true when you look into sub-specialties or specific jobs?  Is there an earnings difference?

5. Reflecting on your personal academic experience from grade school through high school, which material spoke to you/resonated the most  and why?  Please use discretion if you choose to discuss personal problems (e.g. failing in school etc).

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