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Assignment: Differentiate Between Certificates of Need

This week, you examined the notion of state and federal rights and obligations in terms of policy.  As noted earlier, the federal government initially required that states have certificate of need laws and later repealed this law.  This has created a patchwork of law throughout the country. For this assignment, create a chart comparing and contrasting three states with Certificate of Need (CON) Laws.  Include a fourth state that does not have a CON. 

In your chart, be sure to:

· Summarize the state law (or lack thereof).

· Determine whether the state law has ever been repealed or amended, and the changes that have occurred, if applicable.

· Identify facilities covered under the law.

· Detail its impact (if any) on the healthcare industry. 


[Insert Chosen State here]

[Insert Chosen State here]

[Insert Chosen State here]

[Insert Chosen State here]

Summary of State law (or lack thereof)





Status of State law





Facilities Covered under State Law





Impact on the Healthcare Industry



Also, include a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of a more comprehensive federal law that would control the distribution of healthcare facilities versus that of state law controlling.

Length: A chart followed by a 1-page summary, not including title or reference pages.

References: Include a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources. Other scholarly and credible sources may also be used as supplemental support.