Aug week 3 | Psychology homework help

Moreno, R. (2010).
Educational psychology. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

· Chapter 1: Educational Psychology: Becoming an Effective Classroom Teacher

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· Chapter 2: Understanding Diversity in the Classroom

Part A-Cognitive/Metacognitive Theories

Part 1: 300 words between part a and b Describe and analyze an episode of learning from a cognitive or metacognitive perspective. The episode of learning may be one that you experienced or one that you observed. The episode of learning may have been successful or unsuccessful.

Part 2: Using the episode of learning you have described, provide evidence that the cognitive or metacognitive perspective provides the most appropriate framework for learning, because of what was to be learned, how the learning environment was organized, etc.

Part B-Promoting Complex Cognitive Skills – Case Analysis

Read and Examine the case study on pages 278-9 of your textbook (Moreno, 2010). Then answer the following questions by applying the theories and research on cognitive views of learning. Your answers should be in a minimum of 4-5 complete sentences and fully answer the question being asked.

1. Which complex cognitive processes were illustrated in the lesson and how?

2. Which of the following types of transfer were demonstrated in the lesson and how: general, specific, positive, negative, near, far?

3. Was the lesson designed to promote creative thinking? Why or why not?

4. Did the teacher demonstrate an awareness of students’ diversity?

5. Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the lesson according to the research on cognitive views of learning. Include in your answer realistic strengths and weaknesses of using these types of learning strategies.

Part C-Cognitive Learning Theory

For week 3, In a minimum of 500 words with at least 2 sources discuss the Cognitive learning theory and how to apply cognitive theory in the classroom.