Ba 602 management of information systems group assignment 2:

 Project Management Project is a short or long-term activity with a stated beginning and end time. Projects requires several organized activities with defined scope and resources. As a group, conceive an information technology project idea. The project idea may be to either fix an existing process in order to improve efficiency and effective or a brand new idea to help launch a new product or service. 1. Describe the project. 2. Develop the project idea based on the following steps: A. Initiating B. Planning C. Executing D. Monitoring and Controlling E. Closing 3. Identify possible issues/challenges you may encounter. How would you overcome the challenges? Specific Instructions: 1. Complete your group project using Power Point. Your presentation should have a minimum of 25 slides. 2. Use APA throughout. Support your work with appropriate references. 3. Include only the names of group members who actually participated and helped in the completion of this assignment. 4. Submit your completed assignment no late than the last day (Sunday) of week 13. Please submit only one copy per group via Group Project 2 Submission link. Do not send assignment by email as it will not be graded.