Biology 10 lab assignment-completing the chemistry in practice lab

The instruction: the document I upload –lab manual (page 13-20)

Need to watch all of the videos that we required. 

****To receive full points, you must submit your completed lab (summary questions and all) online via Canvas This will count your lab points .Be sure you read the lab before you start the lab. 

How Does Knowing About Chemistry Help Us Understand Things Like Climate or Nutrition?

Here is the information you’ll need to complete the Chemistry in Practice lab at home. If you haven’t finish reviewing your lecture notes, be sure to review the lecture on Chemistry here – Chemistry as a Tool for Biologists. Once you’ve watched the lecture video,

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  • Open up your lab manual
  • Read over the entire lab so you get an idea of what we are doing
  • Then, go back to the first paragraph and then let’s get started!

These videos will walk you through the lab. Be sure you scroll down and watch them all

Chemistry in Practice walk through (Links to an external site.)

Unique Properties of Water

This first section deals with the water molecule. We’ve provided you with some images from your lecture slides. Click on the images to take a closer look or use the PowerPoint Slides

water molecule

Water Demo (Links to an external site.)water demo

This image may help you answer the last question

tree water image

Density of Water

This section covers Ice and the changes in density (or mass per unit volume)


Water and Energy Storage

This section covers why water has a High Specific Heat. This image will help you to think about the questions concerning our weather and climate.


Importance of pH

This section covers the pH Scale. Be sure you use this chart to fill in the one in your lab before you complete the rest of the questions.


pH demo (Links to an external site.)pH demo

Once you complete the lab, you can submit photos of the pages or scan them and submit them here. Be sure it’s a format that we can open like a pdf or word document. (We can’t open Apple Files or Google docs :)

Here is the answer key: BIOL 10 2 – Chemistry in Practice answer key