Breaking news scenario | English homework help


Write a breaking news story using the following information extracted from a fictional police accident report. Use the inverted-pyramid format. 

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VEHICLE NO. 1: Car driven by Kelvin L. Bowen, 16, 208 Maple Lane. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Bowen. Passenger: Brad Levitt, 16, 210 Maple Lane.

VEHICLE NO. 2: A school bus driven by Lindell B. Johnson, 24, 3033 Jellison St. No passengers.

VEHICLE NO. 3: Car driven by Ruth Anderson, 42, 88 Jefferson Drive. No passengers.

TIME: 9 a.m. today (write as though you are reporting immediately)

LOCATION: Thompson Lane and Lindbergh Avenue

POLICE RECONSTRUCTION OF ACCIDENT: Bowen was driving west on Thompson Lane. He passed another westbound car that was stopped for a stop sign. Bowen then made a left turn into Lindbergh Avenue into the path of the school bus. The bus was headed north on Lindbergh. The left side of Bowen’s car was struck by the front of the school bus. After the collision, the bus and Bowen’s car crossed into the southbound lane and traveled 54 feet north of the intersection, where Bowen’s car hit the front end of Anderson’s car, which was moving southbound on Lindbergh. That car was forced off the road and into a ditch.

DAMAGE ESTIMATE: Vehicle No. 1 destroyed. Vehicle No. 2 damage estimated at $1,000. Vehicle No. 3 damage estimated at $250. All estimates by police.

DEAD: Kelvin L. Bowen. Died at Springfield Hospital at 7 p.m.

INJURED: Brad Levitt and Ruth Anderson, both in satisfactory condition at same hospital.