Bshs/435 research and statistics in human services / university of

Read “A 15-Step Model for Writing a Research Proposal” in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.


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Submit a 2800- to 3500-word research proposal on a human-services-related topic of your choice. Include the following:


·         Title page


·         Abstract


·         Introduction and literature review:


o    Refer to the Learning Team assignments for Week Two: Research Problem and Literature Review.

o    Make sure that this section address the following:


·         Background information on the topic area

·         Scope/rationale for the proposal or importance of the study

·         Statement of the research question /hypothesis/research problem


·         Methodology


o    Participants or target population (age, gender, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and so on)

o    Recruitment and informed consent process

o    Sampling method and sample size

o    Research design, including independent variable(s) and dependent  variable(s)

o    Instrumentation or data collection methods (including data collection time points, reliability and validity)


·         Proposed data analyses


o    Descriptive statistics

o    Inferential statistics

o    Predicted findings


·         Timeline for the proposed study


·         References


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and include a title page and a reference page (No abstract is necessary).