Business analytics 3 questions due within 8 hrs sharply


HW with Business Analytics. 

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Qtn 21

 Figure 2.41 shows the 2016 U.S. federal income tax rates for the four different types of filing status. Suppose an individual is single. Write one logical IF function that will determine the correct tax rate for any income that is entered in cell B3 of a spreadsheet. Implement this on a spreadsheet and verify its correctness

Qtn 29 

Use INDEX and MATCH functions to fill in a table that extracts the amounts shipped between each pair of cities in the Excel file General Appliance Corporation, which shows the solution to an optimization model that finds the minimum cost and amounts shipped from two plants to four distribution centers. Your table should be set up as follows, and the formulas for the Amount Shipped column should reference the names in the From and To column

Qtn 37 

Construct PivotTables showing the counts of gender versus carrier and type versus usage in the Excel file Cell Phone Survey. What might you conclude from this analysis?