Business analytics | Operations Management homework help

This case study is on SHELL MARKETING COMPANY OMAN for the subject of Business intelligence and analytics. You will find attached my progress so far in the case study as well as the assignment brief.

 I want you to do the following tasks only: 

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 4. Data collection and data analysis framework (You can use organization data after approvals or open data related to your area of study) (25 Marks) 

5. Proposed business intelligence analytics framework (20 Marks)

 6. Barriers, Challenges and Benefits (9 Marks) (you can mention skype ban in Oman, Oman vision 2040)

7. Critical Evaluation, Recommendations and conclusions  

You will find attached the financial statement if the company which you can use for the data collection and analysis. It would be great if you can make a graph or two in the appendix using this data and refer to it in the analysis part. Please also refer to the PESTLE, SWOT and Potters analysis that you can find in the appendix whenever relevant.