Business finance – management bus 375 – week 4 assignment – project


In the last activity, you practiced communicating professionally by writing an informative email to your customer(s). Now it’s time to practice using spreadsheet software and take a closer look at the resources, goods, and services necessary to complete your project and estimate the associated costs. 


Before beginning this activity, make sure you have: 

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For this activity, complete the following: 

  • In the provided spreadsheet template, you will find four tabs along the bottom of the screen. Read through the “Instructions” tab and the “Sample” tab.  
  • In the “Blank Template – Fill This In” tab, complete the following: 
    • Outline a plausible list of resources, goods, and services needed to complete your chosen project.  
    • Assign each resource a “type”. 
    • Estimate appropriate costs for each resource.  
  • Lastly, in the “Sources” tab, include at least one credible source. 

Submit your assignment by uploading the completed template document to Blackboard in Week 4. 


Use at least one resource to complete this assignment. Cite your resource(s) on the fourth tab in the template document and format your citations according to the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS).