Business finance – management homework



Discussion 1:

When it comes to project management, problems and opportunities will always exists. Organizations have mandates in place that should help deal with these problems and opportunities. Please select a personal occasion where a problem and/or opportunity was presented and what mandate you used to help you deal with that problem or opportunity. Also share the final outcome and what would you do differently if given a second chance.

Discussion 2:

Team communication is key in many areas of project management. We must understand what to communicatee, how often and what tools should be used. Consider an office conflict that you witnessed or was a party of, discuss the method used to handle the situation. Next discuss two communication methods that are common in project management and why they are appropriate for their use. This can be in relation to verbal, written or digital communication involving sharing information, reports or status.

Discussion 3:

A change management plan is imperative for the progress of your project. If there are constantly changes being made, the project may never end. Name what steps you will take to ensure your project does not suffer scope creep or endure too many changes and explain what you will include in your change management plan to support your efforts.

Discussion 4:

Discuss how, as a leader, you can anticipate and overcome resistance to change in your organization.

In a well-written response at 1-2 paragraphs in length, supported by this week’s reading and, if necessary, any outside sources.