Business plan operation strategy/start up cost


Describe the process of your business operation from the first moment it opens to when it closes. Customer touch points. How do you deal with customer issues? Returns? Reward loyal customers, etc. Include an operations flow chart

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Discuss potential suppliers

Production or service delivery process- use graphs and charts to map

Product/service returns process

Supplier relationship management



Transportation or delivery process

Ethical Considerations

Physical Plant Layout

Startup expenses (Ass. 4 – week 5) – use the template provided (course info tab). Recommend that you include a line item that is for Contingency Funds – for unexpected emergencies like your building repairs are not done when you expected them to and you have to pay an extra 2 months’ rent before you open your business, etc. Cite sources for all your data and assumptions. You will need discussion about the chart – do not just insert the chart and think you have completed this aspect of the assignment.