Busn questions (7f) | English homework help

situatiOn 1

A small company specializing in the sale and installation

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of swimming pools was profitable but devoted very little attention to management of its working

capital. It had, for example, never prepared or used a

cash budget. To be sure that money was available for payments

as needed, the fi rm kept a minimum of $25,000 in a

checking account. At times, this account grew larger; it

totaled $43,000 on one occasion. The owner felt that this

approach to cash management worked well for the small

company because it eliminated all of the paperwork associated

with cash budgeting. Moreover, it enabled the fi rm

to pay its bills in a timely manner.

Note: In answering the questions for this situation, refer

both to this chapter and Chapter 10 where we describe

cash budgets.

question 1 What are the advantages and weaknesses of

the minimum-cash-balance practice?

question 2 There is a saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fi x it.” In

view of the fi rm’s present success in paying bills promptly,

should it be encouraged to use a cash budget? Be prepared

to support your answer.


situatiOn 1

The Amigo Company manufactures motorized wheelchairs

in its Bridgeport, Michigan, plant, under the supervision of

Alden Thieme. Alden is the brother of the fi rm’s founder,

Allen Thieme. The company has 100 employees and does

$10 million in sales a year. Like many other fi rms, Amigo

is faced with increased liability insurance costs. Although

Alden is contemplating dropping all coverage, he realizes

that the users of the fi rm’s product are individuals

who have already suff ered physical and emotional pain.

Therefore, if an accident occurred and resulted in a liability

suit, a jury might be strongly tempted to favor the plaintiff .

In fact, the company is currently facing litigation. A woman

in an Amigo wheelchair was killed by a car on the street.

Because the driver of the car had no insurance, Amigo was


Question 1 Do you agree that the type of customer to

whom the Amigo Company sells should infl uence Thieme’s

decision regarding insurance?

Question 2 In what way, if any, should the outcome of the

current litigation aff ect Thieme’s decision about renewing

the company’s insurance coverage?

Question 3 What options does Amigo have if it drops all

insurance coverage? What is your recommendation?