C++ grade distribution problem solution

Create a file “values.txt” contains the following data: 88 85 89 64 78 85 92 60 91 96 63 59 83 89 74 93 92 92 63 100


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You will write a program that will give you the following output:




Lowest       Highest           Average


59               100                 81.8




Grade Distribution


50~59: 1


60~69: 4


70~79: 2


80~89: 6


90~100: 7




Make sure your program is clear with no syntactical errors, correctly uses i/o syntax, correctly uses branching and looping syntax, that it contains functions with correct parameters and return values, that it correctly uses arrays, and that you provide useful comments throughout your program. You must use basic elements of the programming language, use of include files, use of a working main function, declaration and use of data types. You must produce a program that will compile and execute without syntactical errors. You must use input and output mechanisms by processing an input file and saving the contents of the file into an array. You must create and initialize two arrays using the appropriate data type, one array for storing the input data from file, another one for grade distribution. You must be able to access individual array elements and be able to retrieve their information to produce program output. You must use branching mechanisms to include if, else, or switch statements and use looping mechanisms to solve the grade distribution problem. Your program must have four functions: lowest, highest, average, and gradeDistribution. You must include comments explaining your choice of parameters and return types for

all of your functions.