Can you complete assignment due 7/9/16 at 630 am eastern time 2 pages

Requirements: 12 font double space ,APA format, cires, references, cover page, Must have acknowledgment of child care state rules for preschool children and schoolage children. Follow directions as directed write professionally and correct fragments and proof read completed questions. All questions need to be answered with complete paragrphs 3-4 miminum paragraphs each question.


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Learning Resources

This page contains the Learning Resources for this week. Be sure to scroll down the page to see all of the assigned resources for this week. To view this week’s media resources, please use the streaming media player below.

Required Resources

  • Course Text: Marion, M. (2015). Guidance of young children (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.
    • Chapter 11, “Minimizing Challenging Behavior” (pp. 289-312)
    • Chapter 10, “Aggression and Bullying in Young Children” (pp. 266-288)


  • Video: Laureate Education (Producer). (2009). You can make a difference [Video file]. Retrieved from

    Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 6 minutes

    Dr. Marilyn Gootman discusses one of the ways caring adults can make a tremendous difference in children’s lives.

Discussion Resources:
To prepare for the Discussion this week, you will need to read at least three sources of information on young children and aggression. All of the resources below are highly recommended. However, you may choose to read others that you find yourself.


Family Influences

Media Influences

Peer Influences

Societal Influences

Optional Resources