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Opening the Family Medical Group (FMG) Private Practice Office Software Case Evaluation Proposal Assignment

Case Proposal Scenario:  You are the practice manager for the Family Medical Group, This medical group is a new family practice that is set to open in three (3) months. The practice is made up of four (4) doctors who are partnering together to open the Family Medical Group in a new medical office building across the street from the Metro Regional Hospital. The four doctors in this new practice are friends from medical school and each one has been practicing medicine on staff at the Metro Regional Hospital.  Refer to this link to see the layout of the newly completed medical building and the facilities provided for a four doctors:

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 Stakeholders (Staff) – Total Staff Headcount – 15:

  • Doctors – 4
  • Nurses – 4
  • Business Office Workers (Front Office, Reception, Billing, Insurance, Scheduling) – 4
  • Lab Technicians – 2
  • Practice Manager/Accountant – 1

Current Information Technology Network and System: Information Technology Network connected to a high speed Internet (provided in the new building).

Installed Hardware: 2-in-1 laptops for each exam room, procedure room, doctor’s consultation offices and lab connected to the office network, building high speed Internet connection.  Desktop computers located in the business office connected to the network and building Internet connection.

Application Server with Microsoft Office 365 software (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Engage Web Browser), Microsoft Outlook, Adobe Reader.

Backup and Cloud Storage Server connected to the office network, building high speed Internet connection.

Printers: Networked laser printers (5) are connected to the FMG office consultation, business offices and lab.

Android Mobile Devices: Each doctor and the practice manager have a Smartphone and Tablet for use in remote and home access to the office network, Cloud storage service.

Installed Software Applications: Windows 10 operating system, Office 365, Zoom Web conferencing software installed on laptops, business office desktops. Virus protection and scanning software will be used on office laptops, desktops.

Server operating systems software installed on the application and backup storage server. The FMC office will back up its files and records nightly. Cloud storage service will be used to provide remote file access and to backup files and records from the application and cloud server located in the medical office.

Cloud storage service Apps, Zoom web conferencing App installed on office laptops and desktops. Microsoft Office, medical reference and Zoom web conferencing apps installed on doctors and practice manager’s smartphones and tablets.

Network Consultants: The FMG has contracted with an information technology consulting group to design, install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair the hardware and software systems for the practice office. The technicians from this firm are also contracted to handle any current or future network hardware, software or App installation, upgrade or expansion.

Problem:  The Family Medical Group needs medical practice management software to conduct business on a daily basis as well as manage patient records, communications  and generate various accounting and patient reports.

Business Strategies and Policies: The Family Group has formed as a 4 doctor partnership to offer quality and personalized healthcare that leverages the latest information technology to provide real-time information, communications and connected office services.

The FMG has been formed to serve growing families residing in the new subdivisions located near and within a 25 mile area surrounding the new office location and Metro Regional Hospital.

Requirements: The medical practice management software selected for use in the new family medical group office must comply with the following operating, conformity, compatibility and hardware or software selection requirements. The medical practice management system software must be able to:

  • Comply with HIPAA law and standards
  • Support a 4 doctor practice with the ability to expand with additional doctors and office locations
  • Perform doctor and patient scheduling
  • Handle patient billing
  • Register patients  and maintain electronic patient records (EMR/HER)
  • Write e-prescriptions and communicate them to the patient’s pharmacy
  • Verify Insurance eligibility
  • Manage and file insurance claims
  • Communicate with patients through a patient portal
  • Support web based network operations (Installed on vendor’s web server)
  • Offer competitive, cost effective pricing
  • Provide employee training and online help services
  • Support maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting
  • Support remote access via mobile apps on Android smartphones and tablets
  • Conformity with best practices in medical practice office operation as well as the Family Medical Group practice business strategies and operational policies
  • Compatible with Windows 10 laptops, desktops
  • Compatible with Android mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)
  • Meet hardware or software selection requirements (maturity, scalability, stability)

Your Task:  Your task is to identify, evaluate and select an appropriate medical practice management software product for the Family Medical Group that meets the specified operational and functional requirements. You will be performing a First Fit Analysis.

Research Information Sources:
  Use the
 Capterra online service to identify and select an appropriate Medical Practice Management software application that provides the ability to complete the operational tasks and effectively manage the administrative functions of the family medical group practice. You may also find additional information from Software Advisor at

You may also need to get implementation information from the vendor’s web site and online product demonstrations. In addition, articles from information technology publications may be used to provide additional research support for the hardware or software evaluation case proposal.

Hardware or Software Evaluation Case Proposal Development Handout and Template: Use the Hardware or Software Evaluation handout and the Hardware or Software Evaluation Case Proposal Template to guide you and help you to prepare your Hardware or Software Evaluation Case Proposal to turn in for Case Evaluation Proposal Assignments #1 and #2. You must use the Hardware or Software Evaluation Case Proposal Template to capture your analysis and results of your hardware or software evaluation process.  Turn in your assignment to the designated Assignment Drop Box.

Grading Rubric: Check your formatting, analysis requirements and other content requirements with the Case Study Review Grading Rubric attached to this assignment.