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Caped Crusaders Inc.

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The Super Heroes of the comic world have united in an organization to save the world from villains (some who also possess super powers). You are charged with keeping track of things in this comic world. Your database will contain the information presented below.


Table: tblSuperheroes

Table: tblArrests

Table: tblVillains


Super Hero ID (autonumber)

Arrest ID (autonumber)

Villain ID (autonumber)


Super Hero, Secret Identity (text)

Super Hero ID (foreign key)

Villain, Secret Identity


Last Name

Villain ID number (foreign key)

Villain, home planet


First Name

Date of Crime (Date/Time with input mask)

Primary Characteristic (what is their special power?)


Super Hero, Home Planet

Arrest Date (Date/Time with input mask)

Strength Rating


Primary characteristic, other than flying. (What is the character’s special power?)

Fine Charged (Should be more than largest Hero’s charge;   currency)


Indicator if the Hero can fly (Yes/No)

Indicator if fine was paid. (Yes/No)


Strength Rating. (1-10 with 10 being the strongest)


Fee Hero Charges to make arrests (currency)

Step by Step Description:

1. Use all naming conventions discussed in this course.

2. Set the database to compact on close. 

3. Create three tables as per specifications below.

4. Set table relationships and referential integrity (including cascade update and cascade delete if applicable)

5. Enter data into the tables

a. Create a minimum of eight super heroes in your database

b. Create at least ten villains

You may use existing characters from comic books or invent your own. Some villains should have a record indicating multiple arrests and some of the super heroes should have more than one arrest to their credit. At least one super hero should have NO arrests. Some of the fines will and others will not be paid.

c. Create a minimum of 15 arrests. Most super heroes should have arrests but at least one super hero should not have an arrest. 

6. Create Queries

§ A query that computes the strength quotient for each arrest. Name this query: qryQuotient.

The strength quotient = hero’s strength rating divided by the villain’s strength rating.

§ A query that lists the sum of all of the fines collected, grouped by each superhero. Name this query: qryHeroFines

7. Create the following forms:

§ One that allows you to enter a new hero. Name this form: frmNewHero

§ One to enter a new villain. Name this form: frmNewVillain

§ One to enter a new arrest record. This last form assumes that the superhero and villain are already listed in the database. Name this form: frmNewArrest

§ Create a form that lists the superhero and identity that is sorted by the hero’s last name. This form should contain a subform that lists all of the arrests made by that hero with the name(s) of the villain, date(s) of arrest and fine(s). Any hero that has no arrests should not appear in this form. Name this form: frmFinesFromHero. Name the subform: fsubArrests.

8. Create the following Reports:

§ One that lists all of the arrests and the fines that have been levied. Make sure to include the hero and villain names Name this report: rptArrests

§ One that lists the heroes who can fly. Name this report: rptFly

§ One that shows the total amount (one number) fined for all arrests. Name this report: rptTotalFines

§ One that gives the total outstanding amount (not paid by the villains) by each villian. Name this report: rptOutstanding

§ One that lists all of the arrests with the villains that involved a strength quotient that was less than one. Name this report: rptStrength


9. Include at least one graphic in your database on one or more of your forms.