Capstone ip3 | MGMT659 Management Capstone | Colorado Technical University

Read carefully.

 750-1000 words. continuation  of Capstone IP 1 and 2

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The Key Assignment for this term is to prepare a case study analysis that focuses on the effects of business decisions and leadership with respect to business performance in the U.S. markets as well as potential expansion and growth in global markets.

Presenting Recommendations or Solutions to Identified Opportunities for Improvement

Continue the case study of your selected company. Write a 750–1,000-word paper, and focus on the opportunities for improvement.

  • Use the research collected for this paper to list recommended solutions or proposed actions to address the opportunities for improvement.
  • Justify the recommendations based on examples or academic models (e.g., supply–demand curves).
  • Speak to the ethics that are inherent to corporate decisions.

Use 3–4 additional sources. Use APA style (double-spaced, use of headings, correct citations, and sourcing).

Read the following articles from the CTU Library to help inform your paper:

Please submit your assignment.