Case study-epr511 | Business & Finance homework help

Kindly use the following questions as guidelines to your assigned case study:

  1. What challenges does Shelby Givens face:
  2. During Phase I (Preparing for the Transformation)
  3. During Phase II (Renovation and Grand Opening)
  4. During Phase III (2011/2012 Operations)
  5. By the end of the case, what has Givens done to address the challenges outlined at each stage listed in Question (1) above?
  6. Which of the actions executed by Givens were most successful in resolving the challenges? Which were least successful? What other options might Givens have pursued?
  7. Is Sugar Bowl a viable business? Which forces have the most positive, or negative, impact on the business’s profitability?
  8. Givens considers two paths for Wednesday night entertainment: league bowling and exclusive band rights.
  9. Which option will generate more revenue in the short term? Long term?
  10. Is revenue how success should be measured? Which path do you think is best for Sugar Bowl, and why?
  11. Once Sugar Bowl’s financials are more stable, what changes could Givens make to build a stronger organization and culture?

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