Case study of nike | Human Resource Management homework help

For purposes of this assignment, – Case Analysis 
Nike – Innovation, Advertising, Endorsement. 

A case is a scenario that gives you the opportunity to identify problems and recommend a course of action in a business situation. A case is not a discussion of a particular company’s merits or faults, it is a study or discussion of a particular situation, issue, or set of circumstances, or even lawsuit related to a human resources related issue, and your case should relate to a particular company. In other words, 6 pages on how awful or wonderful a company is will not satisfy this assignment. 

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Term Paper Submission Guidelines
Point off for overuse of direct quotations, etc. This is not to say that you cannot use them, but use them appropriately and in the right context. Typing large portions of text directly from the source, even while using appropriate citations will cause me to deduct from your grade. 

Any papers that are written without in-text citations will be given a grade of 0, even if a reference page is provided. I cannot check resources within a paper if the source is not cited in-text.

APA formatted papers have: cover pages, abstracts, and reference lists. All of these things are included in the paper, but do not count towards the overall page count of the paper. If the overall minimum page count of the paper is 6 pages, then your paper should be 6 pages, not including these items, so your paper is technically, a minimum of 9 pages. APA formatted papers also have headers to break up content and discussion.