Case study wk3 | Business & Finance homework help

Read the Chapter Case, “Harley-Davidson, Inc.: Troubled Times Increase H-D’s Reliance on International Sales,” on pages 204-214, and answer the questions on page 214 in detail.

The writing you submit must meet the requirements below.

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· Summarize the case with at least two pages.

· Answer these questions on page 214 in detail.
1. Which of Porter’s generic strategies is H-D using? Will this strategy work for all of the countries described in the case? Why or why not?
2. What does a Porter’s five forces analysis reveal about the strategies H-D has employed in recent years?
3. How does H-D compare to its competitors?

  • In answering the questions, kindly identify Michael Porter’s five forces and their management implications for multinationals.

Format your summary and answers using APA style. Use your own words, and include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism.